Young Adult & High School Students - Education & Training


WorkOne Can Help You Set and Reach Your Goals! To Get a Good Job, You'll Simply Have To Set and Achieve Education and Training Goals Long Before the Interview

WorkOne can help you set, maintain and complete your employment and educational goals. If you are out of school, but you need more education or training to be self-sufficient and fully employed, we can assist you in achieving those goals.

HSE Assistance
If you are between 14 and 21, out of school but have not received a high school diploma through graduation, WorkOne may be able to assist you in preparing for the High School Equivalency (HSE) exam.

WorkOne Onsite Training
Our onsite training in areas such as technology can improve your employability and success on the job.

Occupational Skills Training Links
Our targeted training programs can help you earn a Certificate of Technical Achievement (CTA) in several in-demand occupations.

Education and Training Providers
WorkOne works with numerous providers to bring young people the education and training they need.


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